Hi all, I’m Nicky Spanjaards and welcome to my Game Photography page.

Games have always inspired me. I started gaming when I was 8 years old and I was introduced to it by my grandpa. He had buyed a new high-end PC in 1999 and he said to me that he had to show me something. He started a demo from a game called Drakan. And I was amazed at how detailed it looked and you could fly on top your dragon through large canyons and set all enemies on fire!

After that I played a lot of games and still do. And one time at 2013 or 2014 I had the idea of making screenshots from games. And after that I had the idea to make some sort of Let’s Play, but different. Instead of videos I wanted to achieve that with screenshots. 
So now I capture photos while playing games whether it’s in cutscenes or action-shots or beautiful environments, it’s all there.
All photos captured by me @ Full HD and/or 4K and highest graphic settings possible.

Everyday from Monday to Friday I upload new content, at 3:00 PM (+1 GMT, Amsterdam Time Zone).

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